Show Us Your Good: Share Your Story Here!

Whether it’s giving up your seat on the train to a senior citizen or volunteering your Saturday mornings to tutor children, we believe that every good deed makes a difference and creates ripples of change in the community.

Now, One Good Deed wants to give Chicagoans a chance to tell their stories of good on our blog with our new guest blogging series, Show Us Your Good.

We want to hear from students, moms, nonprofit directors, businesspeople, AmeriCorps members, senior citizens and everyone in between. If you’ve taken part in or witnessed a good deed in the city, this is your chance to tell the world about it!

Everyone is invited to submit short, 200-500 word posts for this blogging series. Please include a photo of you or another relevant photo and any links. To submit a post or ask a question, contact me at

Keep up the ‘good work’!



Youth Guidance awarded $200,000 grant

The 2011 Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Awards honored students, nonprofits and volunteer leaders.

Bank of America’s Neighborhood Excellence Initiative has awarded One Good Deed Chicago’s Success Coaches partner Youth Guidance with $200,000 to expand its impactful programs.

The OGDC team attended  B of A’s 2011 NEI Awards at the Chicago Symphony Center Nov. 10. There, in the beautiful setting of the Symphony Hall, Executive Director Michelle Adler Morrison accepted the award for Youth Guidance. She shared some inspiring words with the audience of students, nonprofit professionals and business leaders.

“There is suffering, but there are solutions,” Morrison said. “It’s not simple, but it’s doable.”

Becoming a Man — Sports Edition includes counseling and life-preparedness programs, as well as access to nontraditional sports like archery, boxing, judo and weightlifting. The program focuses on six key values including integrity, accountability and respect for women.

Youth Guidance is actively recruiting volunteers. To learn more about how you can help Chicago youth, visit the One Good Deed Chicago website.

Welcome to our new, redesigned blog

I’m glad you’re here! As a complement to our website, Facebook and Twitter, we’ll be sharing a lot of wonderful “behind-the-scenes” insights on this blog.

First, I’d like to introduce myself and the other two Illinois Campus Compact VISTAs that started work here at One Good Deed Chicago late last month: 

alexAlexandra Baird
is a brand new Chicago transplant. She previously worked as a reporter for Los Angeles Times Community News, writing everything from city council news to features on local art collectors. She was born and raised in California, and graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in journalism and economics. Alexandra is excited to bring her communications skills and web savvy to the nonprofit world. She’s looking forward to her first Cubs game, but not her first “real” winter. As Service Communications Coordinator, Alexandra will maintain OGDC’s web presence and coordinate a multi-faceted outreach campaign to expand its following and mission.


jamieJamie Brisco-Ricks was born and raised in Maywood, Illinois. She graduated from Proviso East High School in Maywood and graduated from Northern Michigan University. Jamie completed an internship with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation located in Washington D.C. Her background is in higher education with experience in financial aid advising, leadership training, service learning, and campus programming. Jamie enjoys working with others who believe they too can change the world. As Service Events Coordinator, Jamie will work directly with One Good Deed partners and the Board of Directors; plan and manage one-time volunteer events; and coordinate workshops and conferences.


helenHelen Gerety grew up in Arizona but headed northwest for college, graduating from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in business administration. She also completed an internship with United Way of Northern Arizona. She moved to Chicago in June and already loves the city.  Helen is excited to work with the wide range of nonprofit and volunteer efforts in the City of Chicago. She is a movie buff and loves to read in her spare time. As Service Initiatives Coordinator, Helen will work directly with One Good Deed Chicago’s partners in order to create a sustainable stream of volunteers.



That’s me at the top! I’ll be doing most of the maintenance of this blog, as well as the rest of the OGDC web presence. I plan to use this blog to post fun photos and experiences, post short updates on what we’ve got in the works here, and share general info and links to things going on in the nonprofit and social media worlds.

This week, we’ll be volunteering at Senior Fest. We just received word we’ll be working in the dance tent, so it should be a blast! Keep your eyes out for a post and photos from that day.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to get in touch with me or let me know about something cool going on in the city, feel free to use the comments feature or email me at alexandra.baird [at] I look forward to hearing from you!


What makes a GOOD workshop?

Hello again!

So most of us have been to some kind of training, conference session, breakout session, workshop, etc.  Chances are if you’re working in non-profit you’ve been to more than a handful.

Question, was it worthwhile?

Did you leave feeling confident like you had something you could take with and present to your staff or coworkers?

Some of the words we throw around when talking about a good workshop are: dynamic, informative, pragmatic, useful, collaborative, and my favorite “fun”. 

Being a former philosophy major I could talk in these broad terms all day, but for the purpose of this blog and for the sake of the future of workshops in Chicago I’d really like to find out what a “good” workshop experience is like.

So please, leave us a comment and let us know one of your “good” workshop experiences.

I’ll start.


I think my best example of a good experience wasn’t actually through a non-profit workshop but a fiction writing class.

In these workshops the entire class would give constructive criticism (assuming they were in good moods) about one person’s particular fiction writing story.

A few things I found positive about the experience were that everyone shared the same short story to critique, everyone had something to add, and most people offered constructive feedback that helped bring something positive and pragmatic to the story being crafted. It was fun to laugh with the comments of fellow students.

Even more, one person’s feedback would trigger comments from others and others and so and and so forth.  So by the end you came out with not only a dynamic web of new knowledge but the development of a new product.

I left the workshop with direction and confidence.

I think these  same principles can be applied to nonprofit training sessions. So again, lets hear some stories of good nonprofit workshops.

Thanks very much,

Carlos Lopez

One Good Deed Chicago

Illinois Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA

at the Mayor’s Office.

Hi, Welcome to our NEW blog!

Sometimes people like to talk to one another. 

That includes us.  :  )

We feel it’s important to hear and speak about the stories of volunteers who have made an impact and changed the lives of others for the better.

This space will be used to post thoughts and insights on the world of volunteerism in Chicago, the Nation, and yes… even the World.

But most of all we’d like to hear YOUR thoughts and opinions on things so please post/comment away and tell your friends, of course.

And if you’re not familiar with One Good Deed Chicago that’s fine.  One Good Deed Chicago is a City-sponsored campaign promoting volunteerism, community service and furthering civic engagement by citizens.

You can read more info at our website, facebook, and twitter.

Thank you for your time! Hopefully you know a little bit more about us. And I will leave you with this question to start our conversation:






What is a good volunteer experience? What was your best volunteer experience?

-Carlos “The AmeriCorps VISTA”