Hi, Welcome to our NEW blog!

Sometimes people like to talk to one another. 

That includes us.  :  )

We feel it’s important to hear and speak about the stories of volunteers who have made an impact and changed the lives of others for the better.

This space will be used to post thoughts and insights on the world of volunteerism in Chicago, the Nation, and yes… even the World.

But most of all we’d like to hear YOUR thoughts and opinions on things so please post/comment away and tell your friends, of course.

And if you’re not familiar with One Good Deed Chicago that’s fine.  One Good Deed Chicago is a City-sponsored campaign promoting volunteerism, community service and furthering civic engagement by citizens.

You can read more info at our website, facebook, and twitter.

Thank you for your time! Hopefully you know a little bit more about us. And I will leave you with this question to start our conversation:






What is a good volunteer experience? What was your best volunteer experience?

-Carlos “The AmeriCorps VISTA”


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